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Born to Read

As a child growing up in the '60s what I remember most was our house was full of books. From Byron, to Aristotle, to the World Book Encyclopedia. Of course, my father being an English teacher and my mother a librarian, how could I avoid books? I spent countless hours sitting on the upper staircase of the New Castle Public Library reading while I waited for my mother to get off work. I read kids books like the Dr. Seuss and Madeline series, but I also read thought-provoking works like James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time which, believe it or not, was recommended to me by the library janitor.

Having a famous writer in the family didn’t hurt either. My cousin Virginia was always the topic of conversation at the family reunion in Yellow Springs, and when I showed her some of my early work (I was 14) she told me to write what I know. How far back has that advice been given? :-) Anyway, I was never discouraged even though my writing career took off in a different direction.

At 22, I was working full-time in a rubber factory, but I never gave up my dream. I became a weekend clerk for the Dayton Daily News. That means I wrote obituaries and marriages. LOL. I even delivered newspapers to the executive offices. I eventually became a stringer, writing for the Neighborhood News section and Metro. I also took on a second part-time job at the Dayton Black Press and thus began my career as a journalist.


TV & The Internet

After college I moved to television and for the next eight years I reported on health, education and family issues. Becoming an author was still in the back of my mind I just never seemed to have time. ☺ Then I became the first DC-based web producer for the newly-created The Internet was brand spanking new and there was so much to learn! I stayed with NBC for four more years then moved to the Discovery Channel where I learned even more about online news and reporting. It was at Discovery Health that I resumed my creative writing career. I was working on a new section of the site called Love & Relationships and we needed content. So I wrote many feature stories about women’s interests, which led to my first self-published, self-help book, Desperate Dating (OUT OF PRINT). The photo Gallery on the right highlights the tour of my first book.


AALAS Awards Show, NYC
AALAS Awards Show, NYC
Getting miked for noon show
Frank & Wanda Show
Jacque Reid on Tom Joyner Morning Show
Good Day Atlanta with Suchita

Writing Projects

Coming Soon!
I am currently working on a marriage advice book for those unsure of what to expect when they say "I do." I am also working on a few Middle Grade novels in the area of historical fiction. Stay tuned!

Personal Coaching

Need writing help?
I offer new writers advice in all areas of publishing, both DIY and traditional. My experiences, mistakes and triumphs can help you better navigate your publishing journey. Learn more.

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