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The Real Book on How to Cook (2013)
Winner of the 2013 African American Literary Award for Best Cook Book!
Know anyone who can’t cook but would love to learn? The Real Book on How to Cook is specifically created for new and novice cooks to teach them the basics rarely found in traditional cookbooks, such as how to compare recipes, how to choose vegetables or meat, and what seasonings to use with what dishes. It even has FAQs to answer the new cook’s most common questions. Faith Knight uses her own method called P.O.T.S to take you from A to Z so the new cook can build confidence and create great meals.


When I read my first lines from the book, I laughed out loud! I love the humor, the quizzes and the natural no-nonsense way the author expresses herself, all the while teaching you how to cook! I love that its simple and not stuffy like other cookbooks. This book is practical, educational, and just plain fun!.

-K. Radden

As a complete novice in the kitchen, this is THE BOOK for someone who knows little to nothing about cooking. The Real Book on How to Cook gave me ALL of the basic information I, as a non-cook, needed to know just to get started in the kitchen.

-D. Smith

As a mother who often spends her time in the kitchen, either cooking, baking or experimenting, I feel that her book will help a lot of new cooks. I believe that this is a great book to give them as a preface to learning to cook.

-K. Whang

Projects are people, too! (2011)
No matter how many projects you've led, you must admit that the most challenging part of the job
was navigating all the different personalities that made up the project team. The truth is: projects change...people don't.
That's why Projects Are People, Too! is a must-read for all those who need more aptitude and less attitude on their
projects. In this book you will learn how to identify personality types and put them with the proper tasks for maximum
productivty. You will see how to get around obstacles that come from disengaged, disinterested or divisive stakeholders.
And most important, you will learn how to manage all these things while keeping your project on task.
This book is not your typical PM primer; rather, it gets to the heart of the matter and tells it like it is.


“ Faith Knight's new book, Projects are People Too!, should be required reading in not only the business world, but also
 in any professional setting....”

- D. Peterson, PMP

“ With references to comprehensive proven techniques, principles and tools for people management, the nine chapters of the book
provide in-depth insight into the importance of understanding the different personalities that make up project teams...”

- PM World Journal

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